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99 Years of Service Experience

Bolton Construction & Service has been helping residential and commercial customers for nearly 100 years. In that time we have kept up with the various codes and restrictions on what can be done, especially when it comes to electrical services in Wake County, NC.

We have a team of residential and commercial electricians that are experienced and trained in the latest techniques as well as technology. This can range from the installation of different devices like ceiling fans, outlets, LED lighting, and more. We can also help to install a whole home surge protection device so that all of your electric and electronic devices are shielded from a damaging power surge. With the proliferation of electric vehicles, more and more homeowners and other businesses are adding EV charging stations to their properties.

Whatever your electrical needs might be, contact us today and you can be sure that you are getting the best options and trained personnel for your project.

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technician providing Electrical Repair & Electrical Service in Wake County, NC

Electrical Repair & Electrical Service

We just expect that the power will work when we need it, and when it doesn’t it can bring many things to a screeching halt. Electrical repairs can take a lot of forms, from outlets that don’t want to work any longer to larger commercial infrastructures that can take manufacturing and other industrial businesses offline. We can do periodic electrical service inspections to make sure that any issues get caught early and items can be replaced before they break down and cause issues.

Whole House Surge Protection, Home Surge Protection, & Surge Protection Installation

Power surges happen for several different reasons, but the result is that equipment and appliances can be damaged beyond repair unless they have some sort of surge protection. Rather than have a bunch of surge protectors used around your home, invest in a whole home surge protection device. This will ensure that all of your sensitive electronics and other devices with electrical needs are protected should the worst happen.

electrical panel with Surge Protection Installation
modern kitchen with LED lighting and Recessed Lighting Installation, LED Lighting Upgrade, LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit, & Commercial LED Lighting

Recessed Lighting Installation, LED Lighting Upgrade, LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit, & Commercial LED Lighting

Believe it or not, swapping out your traditional hanging light fixture and replacing it with LED recessed lighting in your home will help you feel like you have a larger space. These LED lighting upgrades can provide you with more light exactly where you need it while also spending less to provide that lighting month after month. In some cases, you can have new recessed lighting installations while in other cases are LED recessed lighting retrofits into existing spaces. For commercial LED lighting, many of the fixtures that were installed with fluorescent lights can be adjusted to handle LED lighting by removing the ballast and putting in the guts to handle the LED lights. This can lead to impressive cost savings every month.

EV Charger Installation & Electrical Vehicle Charging Installation

More and more homeowners are buying at least one EV for their transportation needs. While you can plug these into a regular home outlet, many people are instead opting for an EV charger installation so that they can charge their vehicles faster. Even commercial properties are doing electric vehicle charging installations for their employees and visitors who use an EV. Our electricians can make sure that everything works as it should with the installation and won’t compromise the rest of your property’s electrical system.

person plugging in EV charger after EV Charger Installation & Electrical Vehicle Charging Installation
technician providing services such as Electrician, Electrical Contractor, & Emergency Electrician in Wake County, NC

Electrician, Electrical Contractor, & Emergency Electrician

As an experienced electrical contractor, we have had the privilege to work on thousands of projects throughout Wake County, from residential projects and new construction to commercial buildings and more. Sometimes issues arise at the worst possible time, and when you need an emergency electrician you can call us 24/7 and our electricians will diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution that will get the power flowing once again.

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