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Backflow Preventer Certification & Installation

Backflow Preventer Certification & Installation in Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, NC and Surrounding Areas

A backflow preventer can save your property from hazardous consequences in Holly Springs, Raleigh, and Durham, NC. Without a backflow prevention device, you and all occupants could consume dirty, untreated water. However, you need a plumber skilled in backflow preventer-certified installation in Apex or Cary, North Carolina, to handle the job.

The certified backflow experts at Bolton Construction & Services can fit your plumbing system with durable, reliable backflow prevention assemblies and replacements. Ensure your drinking water stays fresh and free from nasty surprises with a little help from our experienced team.

burst pipe that needs Backflow Preventer Certification & Installation in Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, NC

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Certified Backflow Tester

Certified Backflow Tester

You might need backflow prevention installation assistance if:

  • Discolored water flows from your freshwater faucets
  • The water and faucet heads reek of sulfur and other off-putting smells
  • Your drains take forever to empty
  • Your tap water tastes putrid
  • You can see sediment particles floating inside the water

Contact our certified plumbers to test and service your backflow prevention device immediately.

First, a backflow preventer certified installation service in Apex, Cary, or Durham, NC, confirms whether your backflow preventer works effectively with a backflow preventer tester. We connect a certified backflow tester to the preventer to check the internal pressure levels. If we get a concerning reading from our backflow testing efforts, we will determine whether your current prevention system needs repairs or replacement.

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Backflow Preventer Installation and Replacements

We can quickly repair your backflow preventer if it has a minor issue. The plumber assigned to your service will tweak and test the backflow prevention device to ensure it effectively redirects potentially dangerous wastewater away from your freshwater supply. If they happen upon more concerning problems, they may recommend preventer replacement.

We will fit your system with a sufficient new preventer from a top-of-the-line manufacturer. Then, we will put the device together and connect it to your plumbing network during our backflow preventer-certified installation service. Finally, we use a backflow prevention assembly tester to ensure we properly built and attached the preventer to your plumbing system.

We recommend that every modern home and business in Raleigh and Holly Springs, North Carolina, protect their fresh tap water with a reliable backflow preventer. Our team also suggests that local property owners schedule professional device testing services annually. These preventive measures protect the community’s health and safety.

Contact Bolton Construction & Plumbing’s team for backflow preventer testing, repair, and certified installation. Our passion for healthy North Carolina neighborhoods extends to you.

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