Backflow Replacement in Raleigh and all of the Surrounding Areas

When faced with the question of whether to repair or replace your back flow preventer, there are several factors to consider. Bolton Construction and Service, LLC. is here to offer you solution. We are a family owned and operated business doing business in this field for over nine decades now. Our professionals will be at your service 24/7; whenever you need any plumbing, air conditioning, backflow replacement, heating, or electric repair services we are always ready to provide you maintenance services to keep your system smooth and operating at its optimum rate. The people of Raleigh prefer us because not only do we deliver what they want but we exceed their expectations every single time Due to our passion towards a job and genuine commitment towards the community we serve.

Below we have mentioned 3 signs why you should replace your backflow preventer. Take a look.

  1. Condition of your valve

Some of the smaller valves, with usage, become brittle and they crack; these valves should be immediately replaced. Also, it is a common occurrence for these valves to rust away when it is constantly in contact with water. This rust affects the assembly body and eventually has to be replaced.


  1. Location of your valve

The valves of a back flow preventer should be on the outdoors, in above ground enclosures. If not placed in enclosures they will be exposed to outside threats which can affect them and break them thus resulting in frequent replacements.


  1. Size of the valve

Larger valves can be repaired easily and on the contrary the smaller valves can be easily replaced then be repaired. Also, the cost of replacing a larger valve is more than replacing the smaller one; hence, it is preferred to replace the smaller ones while repairing the larger valves.

So, if you want to know anything else about backflow replacement, you can get in touch with us at 919- 861- 1500.