Commercial Air Conditioning in Wake Forest, NC

From regular maintenance to emergency services, from renovations to your building and upgrades to brand new commercial construction in Wake Forest, Bolton Construction and Service can handle any kind of commercial air conditioning that you may need. Our HVAC technicians can work on any type of commercial structure, including multiunit rental properties, industrial facilities, warehouses, retail and hospitality businesses, and offices. They can perform sheet metal work, conversions, diagnostic evaluations, ongoing maintenance, and more. Contact them today about your project and see what they can do to help make your project a reality.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

AC maintenance is what you should have for any and all commercial buildings that you manage. It is important to have an air conditioning service scheduled for all of your AC units in your building in order to make sure that they are operating as they should be. The amount of work a commercial air conditioner has to handle is far above what a residential unit goes through, which makes it even more imperative to have the units serviced regularly. Bolton Construction and Service has provided commercial air conditioning service for hospitals, restaurants, multiunit rental properties, warehouses, retail spaces, and more. Each one has unique needs based on what they do and how they work, and it is important to listen to the customer so that their needs are met. That’s what they will do for you as well.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning service can also include air conditioning repairs. These repairs will ideally be caught during a routine service call so that they can be repaired before things go really haywire. It might be replacing a blower motor that isn’t working as it should, or filling the coolant to the proper level. And when you have repairs done, you want to be sure that other things won’t break due to the repair having been done. And when you have done all the repairs that you can do, it might be time to buy a new AC unit to replace and upgrade the old unit that is causing you more money in repairs than it is worth. Talk with Bolton Construction and Service today about your Wake Forest air conditioning repair needs.

Wake Forest hosts the annual Wake Forest Dance Festival every fall at E. Carroll Joyner Park. The W. E. B. DuBois School opened in 1926 for the African-American community in Wake Forest before racial segregation ceased in 1971. After the school outgrew the facility and moved to a new location, the building was vacant for a decade until the DuBois Alumni Association purchased the building and made it into a community center.


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