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Electrical Outlet Installation, Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement, and Additional Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlet Installation in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake County, NC, and Surrounding Areas

If you have ever been in an old home, you understand that in most rooms, you were lucky if you had a single outlet box with two outlets in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake County, and the surrounding areas. These days when homes are being built, there are outlets on every wall, and often outlets are run in different areas for different reasons, such as on the floor or the ceiling.

Your access to the electrical power you need is important, and at Bolton Construction & Service, electrical outlet installation will help to satisfy your needs in any room in your home. These days it isn’t even that you need electrical outlets but you may want a combo outlet that has a traditional plug along with USB sockets for things like smartphones, wireless earbuds, and other devices that can be easily powered through a USB port.

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Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement

Maybe you have enough outlets in your home or office space, but when plug something in you see a spark. Or you noticed the last time that you used an outlet that it had what appear to be black burn or singe marks. This outlet needs to be replaced at a minimum, and the wiring leading to the outlet should also be checked to make sure that it can handle the load that is being put on it. Outlets do get old and they wear down, so it makes sense to replace your outlets when things are getting old.

Your outlets may be loose in the wall, or might not be holding on to the plug tightly as they should. Sometimes these issues can be repaired, while other times it might make sense to replace them. If you have outlets that only have two prongs and not the three that are standard these days, then you are certainly due for replacement outlets, and perhaps the wiring leading to it as well.

Additional Electrical Outlets

The truth is that however many outlets that you may have in your home, there is always at least one spot where you wish you had another outlet. Sometimes you want a special outlet in the ceiling to power a device that is permanently mounted there. Or you may want to have an outlet wired in so that you can have a dedicated spot for all of your holiday lighting efforts. No matter what your reason is, adding extra outlets should be left to our professional electricians so that you can be sure that things are done right and safely.

From replacing faulty electrical outlets to adding new outlets and installing specialty outlets with USB connectors or other special outlets in your home in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake County, and the surrounding areas. As an electrical contractor with nearly 100 years in business, Bolton Construction & Service will do your outlet installation as well as electrical outlet repair or replacement quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.

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