Pipe Leak Repair in Apex, NC

red wrench used for Pipe Leak Repair in Apex, NC

A slightly leaky water supply pipe might not seem like a big deal, but why risk things escalating for your Apex, NC, home, or business? Pipe leaks often lead to additional problems, like mold, property damage, and pest infestations. Avoid these issues; get prompt pipe leak repair from Bolton Construction & Service!

After nearly a century of serving communities in and around Apex, our fully licensed, insured, and bonded plumbing company continues to exceed customer expectations. Our plumbers’ specialties include troubleshooting your property’s water supply line. Whether your pipes are new or old, we’ll always find the leak and offer more than a temporary repair. 

Plumbing Leak Repairs for Apex, NC, Properties

Your Apex property’s water lines transport fresh water into your building. As such, if you suspect a leak anywhere within the complex network, you shouldn’t delay plumbing leak repairs!

Our Apex, NC, team offers reliable pipe leak repair services in the area. Depending on the severity and location of your property’s leaky pipe, we may recommend a repair clamp per the manufacturer’s instructions as a temporary fix. In other cases, it’s better to replace the faulty plumbing than to risk pipe clamps, so check with our plumbers for details.

Remember, even a simple dripping faucet is more than annoying if water wastage spikes utility bills. Fix the problem before it gets bigger—call Bolton Construction & Service for leaky faucet repairs and more.

Leaky Faucet Repairs & Pipe Maintenance Services for Apex, NC

Every Apex, NC plumbing system has different pipes for your water supply and waste removal. When wastewater flows down sinks, showers, or toilets, it enters your plumbing system. Some material can collect inside the pipes, and if there’s enough of it sticking to the sides, restrict the water flow.

How can you ensure your drainage and sewer pipes are free of blockages? Get top-tier drain cleaning services from Bolton Construction & Service’s plumbers. Whether it’s a surface-level clog or a deep obstruction, we can use safe drain cleaners, hydro jets, augers, and plungers to solve your problem.

Apex, NC, is a gorgeous Wake County town. The community has an enjoyable mix of southern charm and a rich history due to its past with the railroad and tobacco farming industries. As the country’s third-largest town, Apex has something for everyone, including unique shops downtown and events like the Apex Oktoberfest and Peak City Pig Fest.

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