Pipe Leak Repair in Holly Springs, NC

technician using wrench for Pipe Leak Repair in Holly Springs, NCIf your home or business in Holly Springs, NC, happens to spring a leaky pipe, jump to it if you’d like to circumvent serious water damage, mold, and infestations. A temporary repair like epoxy putty or tape might take a little time before an inevitable disaster. Still, you need a professional pipe leak repair from Bolton Construction & Service on the double.

We’re a trusted provider of plumbing leak repairs in Holly Springs and surrounding areas. This family-owned and operated business provides some of the area’s best plumbing services. Our highly trained crew easily handles any pipe leak, and we also prioritize 24-hour emergency plumbing leak repairs so that your burst pipes have expert attention fast!

Leaky Faucet Repairs in Holly Springs, NC

Does your home or business in or around Holly Springs have that one faucet that always seems to drip? Maybe it allows seepage around its knobs or levers. If so, don’t wait to schedule leaky faucet repairs to avoid bigger problems.

It may be a case of worn rubber washers and gaskets, mineral deposits, or corrosion. However, no matter the cause of the problem, Bolton Construction & Service can solve it with years of plumbing expertise to fall back on. We’ll do the following:

  • Quickly identify the source of a faucet or pipe leak
  • Assess the full scope of the problem before suggesting long-term pipe leak repair plans
  • Check your plumbing system works perfectly before we leave 

Plumbing Leak Repairs and Pipe Replacements in Holly Springs, NC

A repair clamp is a temporary fix for leaky plumbing problems. Still, it’s often wiser to replace damaged pipes, even if you apply pipe clamps correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fortunately, our pipe leak repair experts also replace defective pipes of all types, such as:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Copper
  • PEX
  • PVC
  • Gas and vent pipes

Named for its abundance of gorgeous mature holly trees and free-flowing freshwater springs that connect into a small lake, Holly Springs, NC, is a mid-size town that’s grown exponentially since conglomerates moved into the area. It was established in 1877, but most people came to Holly Springs in droves after 2010, boosting its population by more than 65%. Some fascinating attractions include the Holly Springs Veterans Park, Holly Springs Farmers Market, and Carolina Brewing Company, but there are more to come as things take off.

Count on Bolton Construction & Service for your pipe leak repair needs in Holly Springs, NC. Contact us today to reserve an appointment.

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