Residential Air Conditioning in Youngsville, NC

Just because you choose to live in the small town of Youngsville doesn’t mean that you can’t have quality things in your life and home. Having air conditioning in your home is a staple of the region, and you can count on Bolton Construction and Service to provide you with knowledgeable technicians to keep things working well. From residential air conditioning services including AC repair as well as AC installation and more, they have everything that you’ll need to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

When you have residential air conditioning service on your home’s AC system, what things should you expect to happen? First would be a visual inspection of both the outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit. They will be looking for broken or cracked blades, fins, and more. Anything that doesn’t look right should be addressed right away. Along with the visual inspection should be a cleaning to make sure that dirt and debris aren’t impeding the operation of the unit. Clearing away sticks, leaves, grass, and other contaminants allows the outdoor unit to function properly and dissipate the heat from the coolant so that it can cool the air inside your home like it was designed. Regular maintenance is highly recommended so that your system continues to work how you want it to and to extend the life of the system as well.

Air Conditioning Repairs

There are several AC repairs that the technicians from Bolton Construction and Service may need to do in order to get your Youngsville system back into shape. They will spend some time looking at the cooling fins that your outdoor unit has. These fins are connected to the copper tubing that the coolant runs through, and they help to dissipate the heat contained in the coolant, making it possible for the coolant to be recycled and carry out more heat from your home, providing the cool air that you desire. Bent fins don’t allow this heat to fully be removed, so they should be checked and repaired. They will also check the compressor, as well as check that your system is producing condensate as it should.

Youngsville is a suburb of Raleigh with a population of 2,003. Youngsville is an extremely close-knit North Carolina community. The settlement was originally established as Pacific around 1839 on land owned by John “Jack” Young. It was renamed Youngsville in his honor when the town was incorporated in 1875. It took nearly 12 years to change the town’s name because of problems with the Post Office Department.

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