Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Apex, NC

Quick, when was the last time that you had air conditioning service done on your Apex home’s or business’s AC units? If you aren’t sure, or the answer in your head is something like never, then it’s definitely time to schedule some AC maintenance. Give a call to Bolton Construction and Service to have their experienced technicians provide the air conditioning service that you expect, and to keep your AC units working as they should. They can even put you on a regular schedule so that you always have AC maintenance to keep things working.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

You can’t leave all of those AC units on the roof of your commercial building alone and expect them to continue to function like they were new, year after year. They all require some commercial air conditioning service every year. This preventative maintenance will often catch issues that are just starting to form, keeping them from turning into large problems that end up being costly to repair. Not only that, but the regular maintenance will often prevent your tenants from complaining about the air conditioning not working, or in some odd cases working too well and making their area extra cold. In the long term, it is less expensive to have regular AC maintenance performed by skilled technicians than it is to wait until you have a significant problem. Those significant problems will be costly and could have been addressed when they were just little issues.

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance in Apex, North Carolina

Sure, you only have a single air conditioning unit, but that’s the only thing keeping the heat and humidity at bay for your Apex home. Don’t just hope that it will keep working as it should, be sure that it does by having regular AC maintenance done to both the outdoor unit as well as the indoor components. The technicians from Bolton Construction and Service will be able to spot issues and let you know of repairs that will be needed, either now or in the future. The last thing that you want is for your AC to quit on you when it is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, and some residential air conditioning maintenance will ensure that doesn’t happen.

Apex suffered mild setbacks during the Depression era, but growth began again in earnest in the 1950s. The town’s proximity to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park spurred additional residential development, yet the town managed to preserve its small-town character. During the 1990s, the town’s population quadrupled to over 20,000, placing new demands upon Apex’s infrastructure. A sizable shopping center was built at the intersection of Highway 55 and US 64, and several new neighborhoods have been built as the town grows toward the west.


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