Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Clayton, NC

We all know that maintenance is important for our vehicles as well as other big-ticket items. But what about your air conditioning unit? Should those need maintenance? This might surprise you, but yes, they can definitely benefit from having AC maintenance. If you want to keep your Clayton home cool during the hot months, then it’s worth investing a little money in some air conditioning service. Bolton Construction and Service provides AC maintenance for many other residences and businesses, and they have space to include you as well on their maintenance schedule.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

You have several units on the roof of your building for air conditioning, and they are out in the elements. They have to work in the beating sun, driving rain, high winds, debris that gets blown around, and more. With all of these things, it becomes important to have some commercial air conditioning maintenance done on those units regularly in order to keep them working well. When debris gets clogged in the fan grill, it reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner. Plus, it might break a fan blade or cause other issues. Routine maintenance for commercial air conditioners will keep them working with high efficiency, save you money in the long term, and keep everyone inside the building comfortable and productive.

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance in Clayton, North Carolina

Like the commercial air conditioning counterparts, it is important to do regular maintenance on your AC unit. Being as residential systems are typically placed at ground level, not only is it subject to the same issues that commercial units on the roofs are (wind, rain, debris, etc.), but it is also sometimes the recipient of other damage, such as from bumping into it with a riding lawn mower, or rocks thrown from lawnmowers, and more. Having regular AC maintenance can ensure that any damage that has been done can be corrected so your unit keeps working as it should.

By the early 1900s, the town had become a major market for cotton, watermelons, and tobacco. In 1907, the Evening Times of nearby Raleigh wrote that there was “more money per capita in Clayton than any city its size in the world. The state began to change during the 1970s. An industrial base began taking shape and residential growth was increasing in the Raleigh area nearby. Clayton’s workforce adapted, shifting to a more service/trades-oriented economy, and the town began to grow once again.


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