Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Apex, NC

Fix my AC. This is the call that happens so many times for homes and businesses in Apex, and Bolton Construction and Service is there to answer the call and bring their technicians to your place for AC repairs. Air conditioning repairs could be minor, such as bending back some cooling fins so they perform optimally, or it could be a bit more of a major problem, such as the compressor not wanting to work properly. They will take care of it all so your AC will work properly again.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

How do you know that you need AC repair? Often when you start hearing your tenants complain that the temperature is inconsistent, or it might be too hot or even too cold. This is a good sign that your AC system needs at least an inspection and probably has some repair needs as well. Because commercial air conditioning units typically reside on the roof of the building, they are subject to a lot of environmental issues such as intense sunlight, wind, debris, and more. The blowing dust and debris can clog the system and impede the ability to properly cool the space. This needs to be cleaned out and whatever was affected needs to be repaired.

Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Apex, North Carolina

Even your home air conditioner will need repairs from time to time. Having a residential air conditioning service like Bolton Construction and Service come out to handle the AC repairs at your Apex home is a smart move to keep your AC in working order. If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit, if the breaker that your AC unit is connected to keeps tripping, or if you just aren’t getting the cool air like you believe you should, chances are something in your air conditioning system is needing some repairs. Give them a call today to get those AC repairs taken care of and have a comfortable home once again.

In 1994, the downtown area was designated a historic district, and the Apex train depot, built-in 1867, is designated a Wake County landmark. The town of Apex was incorporated in 1873. Apex grew slowly through the succeeding decades, despite several devastating fires, including a June 12, 1911, conflagration that destroyed most of the downtown business district. The town center was rebuilt and stands to this day, now one of the most intact railroad towns in the state.


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