Commercial Air Conditioning in Holly Springs, NC

If you own or manage a commercial building of any size in Holly Springs, you know that there are a number of things that you need to take care of every year in order to keep things running smoothly for your tenants. From landscaping to exterior cleaning and window cleaning to AC maintenance and HVAC service, there is a lot to manage. When you need air conditioning service, AC installation, or more, be sure to reach out to Bolton Construction and Service, who has decades of experience working on commercial buildings like yours.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Commercial air conditioning service can deal with a wider range of issues compared to a residential air conditioning service. While some commercial air conditioners are smaller like a residential split unit with a condenser outside and the air handler inside, there are other configurations that can make them more complicated, such as a multi-split system. Understanding these complexities and knowing how the system operates and what devices to be looking for both inside and outside is part of the training that the technicians go through. This AC maintenance that they perform helps to ensure that the different components of the AC system in your building are all working as they should, saving you money by working at the highest efficiency, and extending the length of time that your current system is able to be used.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Repairs will eventually be needed to your system, but will those repairs be small things that are caught during a regular commercial air conditioning service call, or will the repairs be large from the neglect of servicing the system? Cooling fins, fan blades, circulation pumps, and more can all fail or break, requiring repairs or replacements. And because we all know nothing lasts forever, it might end up being time for an AC installation with some new units. Whatever your needs end up being in Holly Springs, be sure to contact Bolton Construction and Service to take care of everything.

The Town of Holly Springs was established in 1877. In 1875, George Benton Alford moved his successful mercantile business from Middle Creek Township to Holly Springs and was instrumental in beginning an economic revival in the community. A year later he bought the Leslie house, which was the centerpiece of the village. Over the years he made significant additions and improvements to the house until it became one of the largest mansions in Wake County, one of the few with its own ballroom.


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