Electrical Repair in Holly Springs, NC

The last time that the power went out, your Holly Springs, NC, the home generator didn’t kick on. That’s when you call in an electrician from Bolton Construction and Service to check over your home generator as well as your home’s electrical grid for electrical repairs that are needed. This is just one of many different situations where an electrical repair is needed and calling in the experts is the right move. Handling this yourself could lead to even more problems, so contact us today to schedule an electrician to come out and check out your electrical system.

Electrical Service in Holly Springs

The different electrical services that you can get from our electricians at Bolton Construction and Service run from relatively easy to hugely complex. We know that electrical wiring is not something that you want to tackle, that’s why we have no problem helping you with the installation of ceiling fans, landscape lights, can lights, and many other tasks. But our electricians are also skilled at pulling wiring for new construction, installing circuit breaker boxes and breakers, adding electrical subsystems for segregating portions of buildings, plus many other larger projects. Our electrical services cover everything that you can imagine plus more.

Electrician/Electrical Contractor in Holly Springs, NC

Repairer conducts adjustment of the indoor unit air conditioner.

When you have any sort of project in Holly Springs, NC, where having an electrician is required, call Bolton Construction and Service to be your electrical contractor. Their certified electricians are ready to make your project safe while getting you the electrical connections that you need. From running a cable from the main electrical box in your home to your garage as an electrical subsystem, or dealing with a multilevel commercial building that has miles of electrical wires for all sorts of different purposes, our team can handle your project. Give us a call to learn more.

The little community of Holly Springs had appeared to be on its way to becoming a bustling town, but the Civil War ultimately left the community economically devastated. In 1875, George Benton Alford moved his successful mercantile business from Middle Creek Township to Holly Springs and was instrumental in beginning an economic revival in the community. The Town of Holly Springs was established in 1877. At the close of World War 2, Holly Springs was faced with a stagnant population. During the early 1950s, while most Piedmont cities and towns were booming, Holly Springs remained at a standstill.

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