Electrical Service in Clayton, NC

No matter if it’s at your home or at your business in Clayton, NC, you will eventually need some electrical service, whether that’s for some repairs, doing an addition, or other issues. No matter what electrical service you need, the team at Bolton Construction and Service is ready to help you out. From home automation projects to lighting fixtures to electrical panel upgrades and more, our team has years of experience working on existing structures as well as new construction.

Electrical Repair in Clayton

Electrical repairs are nothing to fool with. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could easily make things worse. It doesn’t matter if it is a flickering lamp or an overly warm outlet, whenever you have odd things happening with electricity you should call in some experts to help diagnose and correct the issue. What are the top electrical repairs that Bolton Construction and Service see? Flickering lights are at the top of their list, and there are several causes for this. Another top electrical repair is bulbs that burn out regularly. The third most common is a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. Light switches and outlets that provide a light shock when touched are another electrical repairs. And last is an unusually high electrical bill which could be the result of an electrical repair that is needed.

Electrician/Electrical Contractor in Clayton, NC

From installing a whole house generator for your home in Clayton, NC, or needing to expand your circuit breaker box, or even doing cabling installations for your business expansion, you need an experienced electrical contractor to ensure that your electrical system is operating just as it should. The team at Bolton Construction and Service has been helping out with electrical projects for decades, and we can bring our experience and expertise as electricians to your projects as well. Contact us today to get started.

The Town of Clayton had its beginnings in the early 1700s. Originally known as Stallings’ Station, a depot along the North Carolina Railroad, it mostly consisted of several small stores that served the rural area. The first post office, built-in 1845, was located just southeast of its present site under the name of Gulley’s Store. It was officially renamed Clayton in 1856. The railroad was a critical resource during the Civil War. The Town of Clayton was incorporated in 1869 and has since become a dynamic, thriving community that has grown into the largest town in Johnston County.

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