Residential Air Conditioning in Knightdale, NC

If you’re like most residents of Knightdale, you probably don’t give a second thought to your home’s air conditioning system. Until that is, you go to set the temperature to keep your home cool and no cool air is coming through your vents. Or maybe you have no air movement at all. Looks like it’s time for an air conditioning repair, and that means giving a call to Bolton Construction and Service. They provide a range of residential air conditioning services, including AC repair and even being an air conditioning installation contractor if that’s what is called for. Whatever you need, they will be there to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

It’s important to have regular residential air conditioning service for your home’s AC. Being on a regular schedule of maintenance and inspection will ensure that any AC repairs are found early and dealt with before they turn into major issues. When they get the call to “fix my AC”, their technicians will head out and diagnose what the issue is, then repair any issues that your system might have. Air conditioning repairs could be needed at any time, that’s why Bolton Construction and Service is available 24 hours a day to provide the best service to their customers. When they provide maintenance service, they will thoroughly check both the outside unit as well as the inside unit so that your entire system is reviewed for any problems, as well as being cleaned for operating at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repairs

The air conditioning repair technicians that we send out into the field are highly trained and licensed professionals who take a lot of pride in the work that they do. Our trucks are all fully equipped with state of the art of equipment, and our team members have the ability to work on all makes and models. When you need AC repairs on your system, they are ready to go with all of the parts that might be needed. They can also do AC installation if that is ultimately what is called for. Whatever your needs end up being in Knightdale, be sure to contact Bolton Construction and Service to take care of everything.

Named for Henry Haywood Knight, a local Wake County landowner who donated land to fund a railroad depot, the town was incorporated in 1927. Although Knight did not live to see the railroad arrive in Knightdale, not long after his death in 1904, the railroad finally came to the community that would bear his name. As the community continued to grow, Knightdale received its articles of official incorporation from the North Carolina Legislature on March 9, 1927, with the first mayor being Bennett L. Wall.


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