Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning in Cary, NC

Living and working in Cary means that you have to deal with hot and humid weather for a good portion of the year. Fortunately, you have air conditioning at home and at your work to help keep things pleasant. However, sometimes you’ll turn on the air conditioning and you won’t have that nice cool air that you expect. That’s when you need air conditioning repairs, and that means a call to the experts at Bolton Construction and Service. They can handle both residential as well as commercial air conditioning repairs, and they’ll have things back to chilly air in no time.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

You know how important it is to keep the air conditioning running well in the commercial building that you manage. Your tenants, your employees and their employees, their customers, and others depend on the air conditioning in order to have a comfortable business environment. Not only will the comfort level of the environment suffer, but you will find it can affect productivity, energy usage, and even the safety of the building. There are some common issues that require commercial air conditioning repair, and if left without addressing it will end up with significant costs to fix, even requiring full replacement.

When your air conditioning units are working properly, you should barely hear them at all. In fact, you may only notice the air conditioning is working if you feel the cool air from a vent. But when you start hearing odd sounds or noises when the air conditioner is working, that’s a clear indication that AC repair is likely needed. Banging or clanking could be loose or broken parts, buzzing sounds could be a failing fan motor, debris in the unit, or other sounds indicating other problems. That’s when you need to call the commercial air conditioning repair technicians from Bolton Construction and Service.

Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Cary, North Carolina

Just like at work, you want to have a comfortable environment at your Cary home for you and your family. If your air conditioning unit is operating properly, you’ll likely only notice that it’s running by feeling the cool air coming through the vents. If the air isn’t as cold as it should be, or you hear different sounds from your air conditioning, you need residential air conditioning service from Bolton Construction and Service.

Cary is the seventh-largest municipality in North Carolina. In 1750, Cary began as a settlement called Bradford’s Ordinary. Allison Francis “Frank” Page is credited with founding the town. About a century later, the North Carolina Railroad between New Bern and Hillsborough was constructed through the town, linking Bradford’s Ordinary to a major transportation route.

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